Stop for a moment and come and perform a meditation exercise . This basically means forgetting all the unresolved issues during the day, ignoring the outside noise, and allowing yourself to be consciously in the present .

The name of this activity is mindfulness , or translated into literal Portuguese, full attention . A method in which the person develops the ability to connect with the current moment, avoiding distractions.

This article is an invitation to concentration. Come on?

What is Mindfulness?

In the book “Mindfulness: How to find peace in a frantic world” , author Por Mark Williams says the following:

“In essence, mindfulness allows you to catch negative thought patterns before they launch you into a downward spiral. This is the beginning of the process of taking back control of your life.”

Widespread by Buddhists, meditation was related to mystical-spiritual practices, but since 1979 with the studies of the physician Jon Kabat-Zinn in the West, it has taken on other meanings.

The doctor, who was already a practitioner of Zen-Buddhist meditation, after long studies, created a method for present minds centered in the now and without ties to religious ideals.

Mindfulness is, therefore, a practice in which the individual focuses on the present situation, focusing on his body, his movements and his breathing. The aim is relaxation of the body and stillness of the mind.

These steps can bring many benefits to those who want to focus on personal projects such as studying, retirement or saving money to travel .

Benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness can have many benefits for anyone who wants to exercise these meditation practices. Whether physical or mental , they can offer great results for those who want to improve their performance. Check out some benefits:

– Develops self-awareness, as well as emotional intelligence and empathy.

– Increases concentration capacity and reduces stress and anxiety levels.

– Increases your memory capacity and enhances creativity, mitigating brain aging.

– Can reduce insomnia and improve interpersonal relationships.

But how can this meditative resource influence your financial life?

Mindfulness and financial life

It is necessary to understand that the human being is complex and all sectors of life are interconnected . Therefore, intelligent meditation techniques can work as excellent allies of financial success .

The more focused you are, the greater the chances of making conscious and rational decisions. Staying focused takes discipline and practice. See how daily exercises can make your life easier!

3 tips on how to practice mindfulness in everyday life

1 – Mindfulness of breathing

Despite being mechanical, breathing is an activity that we fail to observe and often neglect . This is a very effective way to stay focused when your mind wanders or you are stressed.

When the thoughts start to come, like a whirlwind, stop, start the breathing in and out exercise.

2 – Body scanning mindfulness

Your body is an instrument that needs a lot of attention. He gives the signals whenever something isn’t quite right.

Just like breathing, you need to focus on how your body is functioning and identify what pains and points of discomfort. Breathe again, become aware of yourself and pay attention to your body.

3 – Audio mindfulness

There are songs that help you keep your mind at ease.

For the best use of the audios, it is necessary to keep the environment organized and the workplace prepared to promote full and focused attention.

Staying focused is not easy.

Some things get in the way of carrying out good mental practices, such as lack of sleep control, body aches and anxiety about the results.

These are some of the adversities that arise, but that can be resolved with small actions:

– If you feel sleepy, avoid doing the activity with your eyes closed and if necessary, wash your face with cold water;

– In case the thought wanders, slowly return to the present while accompanying your breathing;

– Repeat the actions every day, at the same times to create a natural routine;

– Some positions can be unpleasant, but these sensations are normal and part of it. In this case, try to find a position that is comfortable and less invasive as possible.

– Focus on the exercises and not the results. Keep your eyes on the now and don’t allow expectations to stop you from staying in the present.

Changing habits is not a simple task, but with effort and dedication, changes will happen organically and fully.

Focused mind, time to invest !

You just learned about mindfulness techniques and how it can improve your habits and the way you manage your thoughts.

This way you will have your mental health combined with financial education , building a balanced relationship between your personal and financial life.

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