As the saying goes: when the alms are too much, the saint is suspicious! Jokes aside, when the business seems too easy and too lucrative, open your eyes. It’s not that there aren’t safe ways to earn money, but achieving financial success takes time and dedication.

Therefore, we have prepared this article with tips for you not to fall into scams. Continue reading to find out how!

What are the most common financial scams?

“Unmissable opportunity”, or at least that’s what it sounds like when you’re faced with financial scams.

The crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, the lack of jobs, and even naivety are the perfect baits to sell “big deals”. But do you know what the most common financial scams are these days?

In the past, you heard a lot about the winning scam ticket. Where someone pretends they’ve won the lottery but can’t read and needs help picking up the prize. Even today, there are elderly people who fall for this scam .

But with the expansion of the internet, the tricks migrated to the online universe, making victims of all ages.

There are many reports on social media of people receiving messages from relatives and friends asking for money via WhatsApp, making a pix and then discovering it was a scam.

Years ago, it was the alleged kidnapping calls that terrified the unwary into thinking that their children or grandchildren were in danger.

As you can see, scams change over time, so you always need to be aware and search the websites of Organs responsible bodies.

Check out some of the top scams:

credit card cloning

This one is already on the list of classic financial scams. Despite this, it is difficult to identify, and that is where the danger lies.

There are many ways to clone a credit card, fraud usually happens by exposing the victim’s data. Or even through an adulterated card machine that copies the data to be used later.

Nowadays the safety of the machines has increased, but the scam has also changed. One of the most common is using the card data in the application when the cell phone is stolen.

Data security is very important.

experts without certification

How many times have you heard about fake doctors fans of medical series? Well, the financial market also has fake experts.

They study the terms and the right way of speaking, they present great deals that in the end are real pitfalls.

When you go looking for a professional in the area, don’t forget to look for reliable recommendations, see the company’s reputation and check the certifications .

Putting your name on search engines like Google can be a good idea, but you can also look for associations like Anbima (Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities) that regulates financial institutions such as banks and brokerages, for example.

Before you start investing , check all the necessary information to ensure that the opportunity is not a financial scam, it is your money that is at stake.

financial pyramids

This is an old scam, but it continues to make victims everywhere. The financial pyramid scheme attracts people using a simple method, only those at the top can earn a lot of money.

In the beginning everything is flowers, and the results are presented in such a way that the victim believes that he can earn quick and easy money.

But offenders often sell non-existent products and services and make others believe that they are earning higher profits than any other investment.

More and more people adhere to the pyramid and it is precisely at this point that it begins to crumble. The supposed success is limited to a few people and those at the bottom of the scheme suffer big losses.

There is also the fake billet scam, which is when the victim receives a billet to pay, and thinking it refers to a debt that actually exists, pays and only later finds out that he fell into a scam.

There are also emails and SMS that request confirmation of data or inform about an alleged debt or PIX received. Before clicking on any link, pay attention to the contact number and the message itself, which may mention a bank you don’t even have an account with! All can be financial scams.

Finally, there are scams that use cryptocurrencies .

Learn to invest so you don’t fall into financial scams

Having a comfortable financial life is a common goal among people. Scammers use this desire to lure victims.

But saving and investing is still the best way to achieve your goals and there are safe ways to do that.

Saving part of your salary is not enough. Money standing still loses purchasing power, you need to put your money to work.

It is very good to invest, but you have to be aware of scams. Check out some tips.

Tips to avoid falling into financial scams

Whether new or old financial scams, you need to be aware of all the details. For this reason, we separate some tips for you to pay attention to before entering a business.

“Unique opportunity”

“Don’t waste time, this is your last chance!” Everybody wants a chance to earn money, but words seduce.

And if it’s fast and a high value, even better. Scammers know this, and use people’s sense of urgency to deceive by making false promises that cannot be kept.

tempting offers

In general, financial scams have the same characteristics, in addition to the speech that seduces, the proposals are always the best.

Without bureaucracy, they do not present any risk and they still have badly written contracts with spelling errors. They charge advance payments so that you can participate in the investment or even participate in a job selection!

The return is guaranteed, you don’t have to make any effort and it looks like you’re going to get a lot of money and benefits from the business.

These are some signs that you might be falling into a scam.

Always check the origin of the investment , pay attention to details, research, question, seek the responsible bodies.

Investing requires financial planning and that takes time, don’t believe in promises of instant high profits.

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