Financial life needs care and for that, you need to invest in some things.

This is a concept linked to self-knowledge and needs to be exercised so that you develop awareness of everyday actions . To take control of your life, you need to understand your responsibility for what happens to you and how to change it.

And of course this affects financial success as we need to make smart decisions to get there.

If you want to know more about self-responsibility, continue in this article and we will help you to have an organized and sustainable financial life!

What is self-responsibility?

When taking the first steps on the path of self-knowledge, you may come across issues that need to be resolved. With a busy routine full of tasks, we neglect our “self”, with no space to think and reflect.

Self-responsibility is one of the essential steps in the life of those who decide to have a meeting with themselves. Discovering that it is necessary to take responsibility for your own choices .

Self-responsibility requires control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and far from being an obligation, it is actually a pleasant and rewarding exercise.

It implies answering for your attitudes, deciding on what to do and choosing the best ways out, as well as actively participating and taking responsibility for your life.

As you resolve to take charge of yourself and feel that your choices are in your hands, you will realize that your attitude is decisive in many cases.

And how do you react about what you can’t change?

Can you control everything?

The development of self-responsibility does not mean that there will be no external obstacles, after all, not everything depends on you.

We can call these obstacles external variables . That is, everything that interferes with your life, but that somehow cannot be controlled by you.

Variables such as climate issues, natural events or health problems are almost always unpredictable. Nor can we control how a close person acts;a

Anyway, situations that cannot be predicted and for this reason, cannot be controlled, only circumvented.

Therein lies the importance of self-responsibility: recognizing what you can and what you cannot control .
In financial life it is no different and variables such as inflation, exchange rates and interest rates occupy a prominent place in investment decisions and in financial life in general.

Financial life and self-responsibility

Being a self-responsible person and financial education are two essential attitudes for anyone who wants to invest in the future.

Separating controllable from external variables is essential in decision making as you recognize what is your responsibility.

Getting financially organized, defining spending strategies and projecting a date to carry out your investments are decisions that only depend on you. After all, what will your future look like?

Looking further…

It is common to focus on the future and not plan for the future. But he will arrive. Statistics tell us that the life expectancy of grows every year.

The DIEESE survey states that more than 85% of seniors over 60 live with other people and 75% contribute to their families’ income.

Let’s change this painting? This problem can be solved with more financial planning and investments, such as private pension .

Do not outsource your responsibility

If you develop self-responsibility and combine it with good financial choices, your future life could be very different.

“What is your responsibility for the disorder you complain about”? Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

Asking yourself about how you can be responsible for the events around you is one of the best ways to take the first steps in this process of self-responsibility.

No, not everything is your fault! Many events are totally beyond your ability to resolve. The external variables prove that there is no total control of the situations that happen.

But self-responsibility, when developed and well exercised, offers an awareness of what types of actions can be taken to improve or keep your life balanced.

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